4 Low-Cost Home Organising Ideas

Organising your home can sound like a big chore, but all you need are a few simple tips to ensure the mess is in check. Use these affordable and handy ideas to keep your home neat and tidy at all times.

1. Maximise the space behind your cupboard doors

Secure hooks behind your cupboard door to hang belts, ties, scarves and even necklaces. This frees up drawer space and keeps these items within sight each time you get ready for the day. Use over-door hooks on your bedroom door for larger items such as handbags, gym bags or jackets. Another way to make better use of any space you can find within your home is to attach a small notice board to jot down reminders such as grocery lists, to-do lists or notes to family members.

2. Create a drop-zone

It may not be easy to keep your home clean and tidy every single day especially after a hectic work day. To make it easier for yourself, create a dedicated ‘drop zone’ for life’s everyday items. This can be a simple table, shelf or cupboard in the hallway or living room. Reserve this place for keys, phones, wallets, jackets, bags and even mail. Hence, these items will no longer be scattered all over the house but consolidated in a corner that can be cleared easily.

3. Upcycle cardboard rolls

Ever wondered how you could reuse the inner cardboard rolls from paper towels and toilet tissues? Transform the cardboard roll into a range of useful storage devices. Say goodbye to tangled cables and cords by rolling each one up and stuffing them individually into the cardboard roll. Use these rolls to store kid’s artwork or old posters – label them for easy identification. Cut the rolls down to size and fit them into a drawer or box to store earphones, batteries, stationery and other small items.

4. Reorganise your Refrigerator

A neat and organised refrigerator paves the way for less food wastage and more importantly, better hygiene. Organise any leftover cooked food, drinks or ready-to-eat food in the upper shelves. To prevent contamination, you can keep the space on the lower shelves for raw food. You can also place packages of raw meat in clear containers to contain any drips or spills. To make sure fruits and vegetables don’t get mouldy too quickly, store these in separate drawers. Wrap vegetables loosely in newspaper or plastic bags so that they don’t get overly ripe too soon. If you have any opened cans or boxes of leftover food, place these items where they are visible and write a use-by date on them to prevent any wastage.