5 Steps to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

We all have new goals for the year. Try these 5 tips to help yourself stay motivated in achieving those goals for the year! This can be as simple as wanting to exercise more regularly, save more, or learn a new skill. It would be good to start on a shorter list of resolutions as this would make it more achievable in making a positive and sustained change.

1. Create an achievable goal

Success starts with ensuring your goals are specific, measurable and attainable within a specific time frame. You should define your goals clearly with precise ‘key performance indicators’. This gives you a way to track your success. It is also important to ensure that your goals are realistic. You could try providing yourself a time frame as this helps you track milestones and instils a sense of urgency to motivate yourself. To make sure you are on track, review your goals at each milestone.

2. Make it real

The act of writing it down affirms your commitment. It also means that you don’t have an excuse for forgetting about it. Use active tense: “I will” instead of “I would like to…” Writing down your goals makes you accountable and helps boost your motivation. Make your goals visible to remind yourself everyday on the positive change you are about to make.

3. Always start small

It takes a drop to create an ocean. No matter what goals you have set for yourself, you should see each goal as the culmination of a series of small steps. You could try to identify the small steps and milestones within each goal you set. This helps you to monitor your progress and prepares you for the next milestone. Researchers have found that making daily progress gives you momentum in achieving your final goal. Always remember to count the milestones!

4. Track your progress

For every milestone you achieve, don’t forget to reward yourself! Celebrating small wins offer inspiration and motivation for you to reach for the next milestone. If you miss a milestone, take it as an opportunity to assess the reasons why you missed the mark. This evaluation helps you understand how you could do better. Above all, at every success point, remember the reasons you began in the first place and take time to reflect on your progress.

5. Nurture the right attitude

While having a concrete plan helps you work towards your goals, having a positive attitude and lots of perseverance are crucial too. Having a positive mindset and being focused will help to improve the chances for success. When a setback occurs, you should believe that you can continue to push on. This will get you back on track towards success!