Act now, for a better retirement

As we are in the final quarter of 2017, we hope that you’ve had a fruitful year. We are now at our final issue of the year and are happy to share these interesting stories with you. For this year’s Big ‘R’ Chat campaign, our focus is on action – taking small steps for a better retirement. Read on as we share more tips on what you can do!

If you haven’t already visited our annual Retirement Planning roadshows, fret not, as you can check out 5 things you can learn from the roadshows! Our roadshow volunteers have also shared their personal experience with answering your questions at the Big ‘R’ Chat booth. We would also like to share 4 tips to maximise your savings and enrich your life at the same time.

While planning for retirement may seem just about growing your savings, we often forget how housing plays a role in this too. Through the interactive housing loan calculator, you can see how a small adjustment in your housing loan repayment can help you accumulate more CPF savings for your retirement. That’s not all. For homeowners who intend to sell their flat, we have also put together a short video on the key pointers you should take note of.

Beyond just planning for yourself, have you also considered the needs of your loved ones who have supported you through life’s journey? In our Hot Seat article, we address how one can help safeguard their parents’ retirement. It is also useful to learn about the 5 plans that could safeguard your financial future and to protect your loved ones in the event of unfortunate circumstances

Lastly, if you’ve heard about rumours on CPF Nomination recently and are confused, fret not, as we help you separate facts from fallacies.

We hope you will enjoy the articles we’ve prepared for you and that they will spur you to act now for a better retirement.