A better service experience for all

Customers today expect every business to provide a level of service that’s fast, convenient, and personalised. The CPF Board is no exception.

As a customer-centric organisation, customer service has always been a top priority for the Board. This is also reflected in the number of new member initiatives rolled out in recent years.

Mr. Wong Yan Jun has been with the CPF Board since 2006

Mr. Wong Yan Jun has been with the CPF Board since 2006

What is the key objective of your service transformation efforts?

Our aim is to improve the lives of our members through what we call the ‘4Es’ service experience – Easy, Effective, Empathetic, and Expeditious.

Our vision is to be able to make it easy for members to settle all their CPF matters in one location effectively and expeditiously, so as to minimise the need for multiple interactions with us. Nonetheless treating our members with empathy is still the heart of our service experience, so that each and every member feels like they are given one-to-one attention.

What initiatives have been implemented to achieve this?

In 2017, we launched the CPF Retirement Planning Service (CRPS) where we invite CPF members aged 54 for a personalised session to help them understand the key decisions they will be making when they turn 55. The response to it has been very positive. More than 95% who went through it would recommend it to their friends and family.

We also kickstarted the Mobile Service Centres where we reached out to CPF members in the heartlands and help address their CPF matters. On the digital side, the CPF website now has a virtual assistant called ‘Ask Jamie’ that provides immediate answers to website user queries.

What is the starting point for each new service initiative?

We always design for real needs based on our understanding from the ground. CPF members are invited to provide feedback after every interaction with us and these are taken seriously to improve our services across the Board. Beyond these, we conduct quarterly focus groups on different aspects of our customer service experience, annual member surveys and get inputs from the service audits done by the Public Service Division.

What happens once you have identified focus areas?

I have a core team that uses the design thinking methodology to understand problems, design possible solutions, and test them out before we start any implementation. Even after launch, we will gather feedback and fine-tune it further before we roll out the next iteration.

What was the biggest challenge your team has faced in its transformation efforts? And how did they overcome it?

Previously, we focused on training our customer service executives to give the best possible service when they were with the customers. The next logical leap would be to look at the entire customer journey end to end.

We kickstarted a service centre transformation to drive this big shift in mindset across the ranks – to think about the whole customer experience – from the moment you alight from the MRT, to how you locate the service centre, all the way till you leave the service centre. Using design thinking, we designed the customer flow right down to the smallest detail such as building ledges in our standing counters for customers to place their documents.

The newly renovated CPF Maxwell Service Centre that has opened since Feb 2017

The newly renovated CPF Maxwell Service Centre that has opened since Feb 2017

How do you balance the needs of the older generation and the younger, more digital-savvy CPF members?

It is our responsibility to make sure no one is left behind as we move towards becoming a smart nation. As an example, we have a “Gold Ambassador” programme where we employ and teach retirees how to use our digital kiosks. We then situate them at our self-help lobbies to guide fellow senior citizens who want to carry out simple transactions such as printing statements. They find it more assuring and gain more confidence that someone with the same profile is able to do it, and able to guide them to make full use of our digital services.

Self-Help Lobby at CPF Jurong Service Centre

Self-Help Lobby at CPF Jurong Service Centre

What are some real-life lessons that have helped you in your job?

I needed a physical manifestation of what it means when I said that change is possible as long as there is desire, determination, and discipline. Hence I embarked on a proper diet and exercise (i.e. running daily) regime to help me lose about 18 kg in 6 months. The signal this sent to my team is that if you have the desire and determination, and the discipline to do it every day, change is possible. After seeing the results, they started believing that transformation can happen within the organisation.

What do you find most fulfilling about your role in the CPF Board?

I always believe in delivering joy to people. And delivering joy to CPF members means giving them the assurance that CPF Board as an organisation, and CPF as a system, is the best for its purpose. Most importantly, we must give CPF members the all-encompassing peace that they can trust the Board and the system with their CPF matters. My current portfolio of digital and service puts me in the best position to achieve this.

Automated CPF Statement Request

You can now enjoy the convenience of having your CPF statement(s) mailed to you without the need to visit our Service Centre or speak to our Customer Service Executives.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Call our hotline (1800-227 1188)
2. Choose the automated statement request option
3. Request for 3 types of statements

  • My Statement (which shows your account balances)
  • 15-Month Contribution History
  • 15-Month Transaction History

4. Verify your identity via SingPass 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
5. Receive your statements at your mailing address based our records within 4 working days