Bonds that bind

Genes are not the only thing that tie Clement and Marie Prasobhan together. The brother and sister duo also share the same workplace. With 19 years at the CPF Board, Clement shares his enthusiasm for work and why he roped his younger sister, Marie, into working for the same employer. The two siblings discuss the interesting aspects of their different roles and how their family relationship comes into play at work.


Tell us more about your current duties.

Clement: As a Deputy Director at the Investigation and Compliance Department, my role involves investigating errant employers who default on CPF contribution for their employees. My work ensures the timely and accurate collection and recovery of arrears. I also monitor and review policies, guidelines and work processes.

Marie: I work part-time as a customer service executive at the call centre. Handling all types of queries about the many CPF schemes under CPFB is a pretty intense job!

Tell us about working at CPF Board

Clement: I joined the CPF Board right after national service and it’s been my first and only job since. There was no particular reason for joining at that time, but I’ve come to carve a fulfilling career here.

Marie: I worked at the Woodlands immigration checkpoint before joining the CPF Board. I always wanted to spend more time with my kids. Knowing that the CPF Board offers flexible part-time working hours and non-working weekends, my brother encouraged me to join the CPF Board.

What is working with your sibling like?


Marie: We have also yet to work together on any cases, but I feel a sense of comfort that my older brother is there for me to turn to if I need any help at work. I get to see a different side of Clement at work.

Clement: I think I treat Marie the same way, whether it’s at work or at home. She calls it ‘bullying’ but it really is just tough love. One of the good things about working for the same employer is that during the CPF Board’s Family Day, my four kids and Marie’s four kids are out in full force!


How would you describe your personalities and do you think you would work well together?

Clement: I am an explorer. I like to try new ideas and discover new ways of doing things. My sister is the traditionalist. She will stick to the tried and tested ways. But if she is pushed, she will step out and take the risk. I think it would be easy to work with her because I know her well. As a big brother, I can also boss her around! (laughs)

Marie: To me, Clement is very firm and fierce but he does have a soft spot. I think it will be uneasy to work with Clement because I would feel like my big brother is always monitoring me and checking up on me. I would feel like a little kid!

How do you keep close at a family?

Clement: Though we do not meet at work, we see each other every Wednesday and Sunday for Church events.

Marie: Our families meet frequently during the week. We pray and have meals together at least twice a week. As both our families live near one another, it is very convenient for us to gather. I often drop my kids off at Clement’s place and he usually coaches them during exams.