“My employer doesn’t need to make a CPF contribution if I earn less than $500 a month.”

That’s not true. As long as you earn more than $50 a month, your employer will need to make a CPF contribution for you. This also applies if you’re working part-time or temporary jobs such as internships and holiday jobs.

In fact, you should receive a CPF contribution from your employer as long as you meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
  2. You are employed to work in Singapore, under a contract of service
  3. You earn a Total Wage* of more than $50 a month

* Sum of Ordinary Wages and Additional Wages for the month

But do note that employers are exempted from payment of CPF contributions for some classes of employees.


How much should your employer contribute?


Now that you know you’re eligible for a CPF contribution from your employer, the next thing to find out is the amount that needs to be contributed.

The table below shows how much CPF contribution your employer must make if you are a Singapore Citizen, or a SPR from the 3rd year onwards:



When must I contribute to my own CPF savings?

Earning more than $500 a month as an employee? Then it’s time for you to start making contributions to your own CPF savings.

Your employer will contribute your share on your behalf, which will be deducted from your wages at the time of payment of those wages.

To help cushion the impact of the decrease in your take-home pay, your own CPF contributions will be pegged at reduced rates if you earn more than $500 and less than $750 a month. You will only need to contribute CPF at the full rates if you earn $750 or more a month.

For more information, you can view the current CPF contribution rates on our website.


Another point to note: If you earn an Ordinary Wage of more than $6,000 a month, any amount above $6,000 will not attract CPF contributions.


Check your CPF contributions regularly


For many of us, our CPF savings form a big part of our retirement income. This is why it’s important to check your CPF balances regularly to ensure the required contributions have been made. You can do so via the mycpf app or simply log in with your SingPass via the CPF website.

You can also sign up via the CPF website to receive an SMS alert if there is a non-payment of CPF contribution by your employer.

Together with the good and risk-free interest rates provided by the government, your CPF savings will grow and go a long way in building up your retirement nest egg for your future.

If you come across any non-compliant employers, you can:

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