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July has arrived. It’s time to take stock of important things in our lives in the first six months of the year – our relationship with loved ones. This issue is all about family. Parents play a critical role in their children’s decisions. Find out how we can stay involved in our parents’ retirement options and decisions. Plus, we have tips on how to kick-start this conversation on retirement planning with our parents.

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The two generations may have differences in their aspirations when it comes to work and play. But, strong ties can bind the family together. Check out how two pairs of parent-child can have a lot in common when it comes to money matters.

How does it feel to have a sibling work in the same organisation as you? Will they face sibling rivalry at work? In this issue, we spoke to a pair of siblings and asked them how their sibling relationship comes to play at work.

We know that you have burning questions about MediShield Life and its differences with Integrated Shield Plans. To help you make better informed decisions based on your needs, we have rounded up four things that you should know about Integrated Shield Plan.

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