What you should know about CPFIS before you invest

You may have heard that you may be able to boost your CPF savings by investing under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS). However, investing under CPFIS may not be suitable for everyone. Some of us may have a low risk tolerance while others may lack the financial knowledge to invest.

Should you invest your CPF savings or leave them in their respective CPF accounts to earn attractive risk-free interest? Find out more from the videos and questionnaire below to make an informed decision on whether the CPFIS is suitable for you!

Step 1: Understanding investments

As all investments come with some risks, your investments under CPFIS would impact your retirement nest egg. You should learn about some investment concepts before deciding if you want to invest your CPF savings under the CPFIS.


Step 2: Understanding the investment products under CPFIS

Also, it will be useful to find out more about the investment products included under the CPFIS and the investment charges associated with those products.


Step 3: Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Now, try out the Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ) to assess your level of basic financial knowledge and if the CPFIS is suitable for you.



What else you need to know

From 1 October 2018, new CPFIS investors have to take the SAQ before they can start investing under CPFIS. In addition, the sales charge and maximum wrap fees applicable have been reduced to lower the cost of investing for CPFIS investors:

Learn from the best

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