What have you learnt from starting your own business?

It seems fun being your own boss, getting to take charge of your own time and having the freedom to do what you want. On the flip side of the coin, it’s tough having to be responsible for everything too! In this issue of Street Talk, we find out what some freelancers and business owners have learnt on their journey.

When you are under 30, nobody really takes you seriously. Only when you are in your late 30s, then more people are willing to listen to you. So doing day-to-day and lower budget jobs kept me pretty grounded in my entrepreneurship journey.

Cedric Lim, 44 Production House Founder/Executive Producer

Instead of allowing little obstacles and challenges affect me more than they should, I’m learning to set clearer goals and keep my emotions more in check.

Elijah Underhill, 27 E-commerce Business Owner

The value of a quality mentor or coach. Looking back, if there was one thing that I could’ve done differently, it would have been to pay for good business advice earlier in my freelance career.

Kevin Lim, 37 Freelance Copywriter

Sometimes when we get caught up in the smaller things, we stop thinking about the big picture. We’ve learnt to take a step back to look at management, as direction is important, especially for a start-up at its infancy stage.

Kai Yuan Ng, 25 Digital Publisher Co-Founder

Whatever I thought of during the planning phase rarely lives up to my expectations. I learnt a lot about making back-up plans and coming up with different ways to draw clients in.

Felix Singgih, 21 Barber Shop Co-Owner