Looking at what lies ahead

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Time flies! We’re moving towards the end of 2016! Other than taking stock of what we’ve learnt, it’s also important to look at what lies ahead.

In this issue, find out your retirement personality type when you take our online quiz. If you want to learn more, come on down to our CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow at Waterway Point on 12 & 13 November from 11am to 6pm, where you can discover simple ways to get started on retirement planning as well as find out how much savings you need to meet your retirement needs.

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To help you better understand the recent enhancements to the CPF system, we’ve summarised the CPF Advisory Panel recommendations. Also, find out if using cash or CPF savings is better for you when making your home purchase!

We also speak with our Deputy Chief Executive (Services), Mr Soh Chin Heng and find out about the insights he gained from his ‘undercover’ experience.

While we are on the topic of ‘future’, check out the interesting apps we’ve shared & ways you can improve yourself as we embrace the future!

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