Looking back, looking forward

How has 2018 been for you so far? As you continue to work towards achieving your resolutions you may have set earlier this year, let’s also not forget the lessons from our past experiences. We took to the street to find out money lessons people have picked up in 2017.

In this issue, we also take a look back at how lifestyles have changed from our parents’ or grandparents’ time. In particular, we show you how retirees in present times have to be more self-reliant.

To cope with the uncertainty that may arise from these changes, we introduced the new CPF LIFE Escalating plan in January. If you are wondering if annuities have a role to play in your retirement plans, hear from Providend’s CEO, Mr Christopher Tan, as he shares his insights on this topic.

Don’t forget to budget for your healthcare needs too. You may have heard about the increase in the Basic Healthcare Sum and how this might affect you, so we have dispelled some myths about this.

On a more light-hearted note, we found 5 retirement villages around the world that may shape the way we think about retirement in future with their interesting facilities and architecture, one of which is right here in Singapore!

In fact, not only do our retirement plans need to reflect the changing times, so does the way CPF Board serves its members. We speak to Mr. Wong Yan Jun, Group Director of Customer Service and Chief Digital Services Officer on the transformation efforts that CPFB has made over the years and the plans ahead.

Lastly, we also share with you these 5 simple habits you can consider for a healthier you. We hope you enjoy reading and have a fruitful 2018!