Personalised help is just a phone call away

A new Call Authentication (CA) service now makes it easier for CPF members to get personalised guidance over the phone. We get up close and personal with our Customer Service Executives (CSE) and a CPF member, Mdm Tan to learn how this new service works.


From left to right: Marie, Mdm Tan and Phet

What are some common queries you get from CPF members?

Marie: We get many queries that require personal and specific information on amounts to top-up CPF accounts or amounts that can be withdrawn.

Phet: We also get housing queries such as “What is the available balance in my Ordinary Account for my housing purchase?” or account-related questions such as “What are the current balances in my CPF accounts?”

Before the CA service was available, what queries could only be addressed if members went to a CPF Service Centre?

Marie: Queries that require confidential information such as member’s account balances, housing refunds, and withdrawal amounts could only be addressed at the Service Centres and on our E-services platforms.

Phet: Other than what Marie shared, there are also housing queries on Valuation Limit, Additional Housing Withdrawal Limit (AHWL), which are confidential information that members need to know over the phone.

How does the CA process work?

Phet: First, we’ll check with the caller if they have registered for SingPass 2-Step Verification (2FA). If yes, we’ll ask if they are using SMS OTP or OneKey Token, and subsequently advise the caller on the correct option when prompted. They will proceed to key in the One-Time Password on their phone.

What is the response to the new service?

Phet: We have received many compliments from our callers. They find it easy and convenient to obtain their personal CPF information over the phone.

Marie: Not only that, some of them shared that they feel that the system is safe and they are confident since CPF Board will only reveal their personal account information with this additional verification.

Any upcoming service initiatives for CPF members to share?

Phet: We are partnering with a print and mail vendor to provide a seamless experience for members requesting for their CPF statements. When members call in to request for their CPF statements and have been authenticated successfully, the system will send it to the print and mail vendor for printing and mailing directly.

Marie: We are also looking to implement a live web chat service where CPF members can chat real-time with our CSEs to get CPF-related information.

The CA service was officially launched since 1 March 2017 with good reviews.

Here’s what one of our Members has said:

I called in to ask how much cash I could use to put back the CPF savings that was earlier used for my property. Usually, the customer service executive will tell me to go to the CPF website, login with my SingPass, and at the same time they will go online to advise me. It was very troublesome. With this new process, I get all the answers I need through a phone call and I really appreciate this service.

Mdm Tan Kim Suan, in her 60s