Taking care of you and your loved ones’ needs

We have reached mid-2017 and hopefully, none of you have forgotten about the resolutions we made for the year.

For those of you who may be planning for your wedding or have friends who are getting married soon, we’d like to share some tips which we gathered from our Street Talk respondents. Also, don’t miss out on the Hot Seat article where our financial expert shares about matters that couples should discuss before marriage.

We also discuss about taking care of future needs. By understanding your retirement needs and the options you have, you can then learn to avoid some of these mistakes in retirement planning. If you still have more questions on retirement planning, our Customer Service Executives would be more than happy to assist you over a phone call. Find out more about our Call Authentication (CA) service in our On the Job article.

Other than taking care of your own needs, learn how you can help your loved ones as well in our Feature Article on taking care of your loved ones.

To parents out there, learn whether you should spend on your children’s needs first or save up for your own retirement. To better plan your household budget, you should also consider tracking the family budget to know where you have spent your money.

Enjoy reading!