Team behind the scheme

Meet the people behind-the-scenes who bring our national health insurance scheme to life, and hear their senior manager, Lu Zhijia of the MediShield Life Department at CPF Board, share her personal experience on implementing MediShield Life.


Lu Zhijia, Senior Manager, MediShield Life Department

What is life like for you outside of work? What do you do in your spare time? I really enjoy baking and cake decorating. I have taken a few courses on cake decoration this year and I am happiest when making edible sugar flowers.


Q: Can you tell us more about yourself?

Zhijia: I am always open to challenges, self-improvement and knowledge. I like sharing knowledge with newer colleagues and team members to foster efficient teamwork. Outside work, I appreciate quality time with my loved ones and will regularly arrange gatherings to catch up.

Tell us more about your current job duties and responsibilities.

I am currently part of the implementation team for MediShield Life. This requires working with various departments/sections to understand their processes and their IT system requirements. My team is also responsible for testing new system functions to ensure that member transactions can be processed without a hitch.


What is a typical day like at your job?

My day starts with addressing emails, followed by setting a to-do list of things I aim to complete within the day. I then move on to meetings with IT or fellow colleagues to discuss the day’s agenda. I also take time to brief and mentor my team on the new processes so they are able to contribute to the project.


Share with us your personal thoughts on MediShield Life.

I believe that hospitalisation insurance coverage such MediShield Life is crucial to help relieve the burden of costly medical expenses, especially with my personal experience after a knee operation. MediShield Life will benefit members with serious medical conditions who were not previously covered by MediShield, and those who were constrained by the MediShield Lifetime claims limit or age limit. Everyone can have peace of mind knowing that they have MediShield Life which helps to takes care of their hospitalisation expenses.


What is the most challenging part about your job?

I think the greatest challenge is the scale of the project and tight deadlines. It involves many processes across teams so we have to be privy to how each process works in order to integrate the system design and requirements.



From left: Angela, Bernice, Jasmin (back), Li Jia, Oi Lan, Zhijia, Winnie


What do you enjoy most about working on MediShield Life?

Despite the long hours, it is rewarding to know that we have successfully implemented it. There is also a strong sense of satisfaction knowing that the project that we have worked so hard on will benefit many members. My close working relationship with different departments and sections is definitely a happy memory I’ll miss.


What do you aim to accomplish in your personal life in 2016?

To keep fit and stay healthy, especially with my passion of baking sugared dessert!


What and who inspires you? Why?

My mum. She makes juggling family and business look so efficient and easy! Over the past few years, she truly inspired me with her resilience and strength by overcoming several major operations.


If you could give your younger self an advice on life, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self from 10 years ago to always plan ahead. Everything we do or learn can be used to shape and guide us to our future goals.