“The evolution of an idea”

Dear readers,

We’re well into 2016, and I hope the year has gotten off to a great start for all of you!

This year, we launched a newly redesigned CPF statement that gives you an illustrated summary of how your CPF savings have grown in the past year. Check out our video explaining what the colourful charts in your new statement really mean.

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  • Irene Kang
Editorial Team:

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  • Celia Cheong
  • Han Hui Ying
  • Jamie Huang
  • Muhammad Hasan
  • Stanley Toh

Simplifying such a complex statement took a lot of time and effort. The team behind it performed extensive checks to ensure the new statement could be rolled out without a hitch. Find out how your new CPF statement evolved from an idea.

In our previous issue, we shared an interactive tool you can use to find out how to do more with your CPF savings. Several readers have written in to tell us how useful the tool was. We’re encouraged to know we’re publishing information that benefits many of you.

To continue building on that, we’ve put together some steps you can take to benefit from the key enhancements that took effect this year. You can also look forward to some interesting interactive features here.

If you’re the type to plan further ahead, we also have two tips to save on tax yet build up your nest egg.

Lastly, do check out our Live Smart articles for five interesting tips on how to make saving interesting, as well as six foods you did not know are healthy.

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Brenda Chai, Editor