What are some things you love about Singapore?

This beloved island may be small, but here you can find a long list of things that we love about Singapore. Sometimes, it may be as simple as our hawker food or the safe and efficient environment. Can you think of something you’re glad to have in Singapore? In this issue of Street Talk, get inspired by what other Singaporeans love so you can take the first step to appreciate the little things around you.

I like to spend my weekends fishing as it lets me take a good break from the week. Glad that it’s allowed at Pandan Reservoir. It’s my favourite place to fish.

Royston Scharenguivel, 47 Operations Manager

The ECP highway. It’s the fastest way to get to town. Also, Singapore’s road traffic infrastructure because it’s well-maintained and makes travelling easy.

Joshua Tan, 30 Regional Marketing Director

The shopping at Geylang Serai because the traditional baju kurungs you can get there aren’t available anywhere else.

Noor Bano Binte Mohamed Ibrahim, 62 Accountant

I’m grateful for the green parks and nature we have in Singapore. I can easily enjoy myself in places like Sungei Buloh and Mount Faber without spending any money.

Mah Tuck Meng, 65 Retiree

I’ve always appreciated how Singapore is such a safe place to live in with almost no crime, especially since I have to go home pretty late sometimes because of my work schedule.

Joanna Liu, 28 Beauty Advisor

I’m grateful for the hawker centres here with all the yummy food, especially the fried carrot cake!

Andrea Fernandez, 20 Student/Part-time Childcare Teacher