Top tips to keep vacation costs low

How can you take a break without breaking the bank? We poll the streets for some useful tricks.

It’s definitely not pocket-friendly staying at hotels. Consider Airbnb instead – you'll never know if you might get a really good deal! Your local host could even give you great insider travel tips.

Shan Axe, 27 Project Executive

Research on how to travel around in public transport instead of taking taxis. This gives you the opportunity to explore the country like a local would.

Dorin Liew, 40 Music Teacher

I like to search for free local events and get transported right into the festivities. This allows me to experience the country at its cultural heartbeat and also meet new local people.

Joshua Kaleb, 27 Medical Technologist

I tend to make local friends while travelling. This helps me get insider tips to local places where I can eat and visit on a dime. In return, I extend my invitation to host them when they do visit Singapore!

Melvin Peng, 30 Customer Service Manager

Exploring by foot is my favourite way to tour a city. I like to pre-plan my trips to maximise walking tours. Not only do I see the city at my pace, I get to save money and keep fit too! It’s a win-win!

Mohd Fahmi, 41 Education Officer

When travelling, I usually make lunch my main meal. Set lunch prices are often much cheaper than 3-course dinner menus. Stuffed with a hearty late lunch, I usually opt for a lighter and less expensive dinner!

Ker Ziyi, 19 National Serviceman

For my flight and accommodation bookings, I like to plan early and look out for promotional fares. I also set up alerts in travel and hotel apps so I can get notifications on special deals!

Walter Soh, 40 IT sales Manager