Up close and personal with the CPF Roadshow team

To reach out to more members of the public and help them get started with retirement planning, CPF organises annual roadshows at different parts of Singapore. In 2016, we ran our roadshows at 5 different locations and reached out to more than 80,000 members!

Ever wondered what it takes to be part of our CPF Roadshow team? Or what are some of the challenges the team faces when managing the roadshows? We caught up with the CPF Roadshow Team to find out what motivates them and keeps them going!


Ivy – “It always warms my heart to see the smiles from our members after learning how they can better prepare themselves for retirement through the various CPF schemes. The job satisfaction is priceless when you know that you have made a positive change to someone’s life.”


Chantal – “Sharing ways to optimise CPF savings with our members is an act of paying it forward so that more can benefit from the useful tips.”



Georgina – “Explaning the various CPF schemes at the roadshows can be a challenge. We had to break the information into digestible bites and at the same time, make it fun and interactive for the members. There were many iterations before we achieved the final outcome. We knew it was worth it when we saw the sheer delight on the faces of our members.”


Koon Yin – “It is satisfying to see how our members benefited after attending our roadshows, and how they can better prepare themselves to achieve their retirement goals”

Name one thing you learnt in 2016 that you can use to improve this year’s roadshows.

Ivy: One thing the team learnt was how to make a subject like retirement planning more relatable to our members and inspire them to start planning for their retirement. By trying to create a personalised experience such as having different retirement personalities that resonate with different member profiles, the team hoped that the roadshow visitors can learn about retirement in a fun and light-hearted way, and make it less daunting to think about.

Georgina: We adopted the latest technology such as Virtual Reality (VR). Through the VR experience, members of the public were able to discover their retirement personality as well as enjoy an immersive 360° VR experience. To show how CPF gets members started on retirement planning, the team also made good use of digital panels to provide more interactive elements and more in-depth information.

Koon Yin: In 2017, the team will continue to generate awareness on the importance of retirement planning and share with members the latest CPF enhancements relevant to them. The team will also explore ways to make the visitor experience more relatable to the individual and aim to simplify information so that members can better understand and appreciate the CPF system.

What is that one experience you wish to relive again in the next roadshow?

Chantal: We enjoyed interacting with our members. The positive feedback received from various channels affirmed our public outreach efforts. It was also fulfilling to see the happy smiles from members when they learnt how they can make use of the various CPF schemes and enhancements to better achieve their retirement goals.

What are some goals – personally or as the Board – you’d like to achieve through the 2017 roadshows?

Ivy: In 2017, we hope to create a more personalised experience for members to enable them to have a clearer idea and be more proactive in planning for their retirement. We also hope that more members will have positive takeaways after visiting our roadshows and recommend the roadshow to their friends and families.

What motivates you as you prepare for the coming roadshows?

Koon Yin: The roadshows are an important aspect of the Board’s ‘on-the-ground’ communications. Our motivation stems from wanting to reach out to more members so that they can better understand how the various CPF schemes and enhancements can help them in achieving their retirement goals.