“What will life be like when you’re 60?”

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After months of hard work, our team is proud to present an all-new InTouch Magazine! Take some time to browse the site and discover the interesting new features we have introduced.

This new reveal also marks a special time – it’s launched together with CPF Board’s 60th Anniversary this year. Turning 60 is a huge milestone for anyone; and for us, a timely occasion to look back on how much we’ve grown.

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The CPF system has continually evolved to adapt to the retirement needs of Singaporeans. Our new section #TheyAllSay gives you the facts on some CPF changes taking effect next year, and how it could affect you. >>


“What will life be like when you’re 60?”


Like many Singaporeans of my generation, I’ve never given much thought to my retirement. I couldn’t imagine – why should I think about growing old before I actually do? It was only after working in CPF Board (and having to understand retirement and the CPF system in depth) when I got to appreciate the importance of planning ahead.

We spoke to two families who, today, are continuing to reap the fruits of their early preparation. Apart from sharing their secrets of planning ahead, Benjamin and Sharlene, and Mr Jalani and Mdm Hamidah showed us that staying disciplined pays off. >>

Catherine, a valued staff from our Call Centre, has been attending to CPF members for 27 years now. Through her eyes, we got a glimpse of our members’ stories, and how the Board has grown over the years. >>

This interview with Catherine is part of InTouch’s new feature called “On the Job”, a section which chats with people who keep the CPF system running. It’s a feature I’m particularly excited about, and I look forward to introducing more faces across the next issues.

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Brenda Chai, Editor