What’s the best advice your parents gave you?

They have experience on their side and know more than a thing or two about life. Parents are an invaluable source of wisdom and inspiration that shape our lives for the better. In this issue, Street Talk asked people to share the most important lessons they were taught by their parents.

Respect others, regardless of race, religion, age or gender. This goes beyond people like my elders or loved ones. I should respect anyone and everyone I meet in life.

Suresh Mulchand, 47 Tailor

The best advice my parents gave me when I was growing up is to work hard and be happy. Although cliché and simple, I have lived by this piece of advice all these years and it is really meaningful to me, so much so that I passed on this same piece of advice to my children.

Ann Tan Poh Choo, 60 Sales Assistant

This may sound funny, but my parents taught me to be careful. They always reminded me to think twice before acting on anything because with every action, there is a consequence. I have carried this piece of advice with me even until now and it constantly reminds me to be cautious when making important decisions in my life.

Ann Lopez Aziz, 34 Administrative

I appreciate advice from my parents asking me to save up for a rainy day, and not to spend all my money when I get my pay check.

Mabel Yeo, 29 Business Manager

To be myself and to never walk in someone else’s shadows or try to imitate them. They also taught me that if I wanted something, I need set my mind on it and work hard to achieve it.

Zahrah Bte Ab Wahab, 57 Lush Service Manager

My parents always remind me to save up for the future and to make sure that I can afford my basic needs like having a roof over my head.

Shalini, 20 Student