What’s your personal financial goal for the new year? How do you intend to achieve it?

A new year has just begun – this marks a good timing to set your financial goals! In this issue of Street Talk, we ask people from different walks of life to share their financial goals and how they have been working towards achieving them.

My financial goal now is to focus on buying a house next year. Every month, I set aside 50% of my earnings for that purpose.

Ethan Liew, 30 Business Owner

My goal is to have enough cash to cover future medical expenses. That is the most important thing for me at my age. I set aside money every month into my savings account to make sure that I will have enough for a rainy day.

Lydia Tham, 61 Seamstress

Currently, my priority is to save for a house. I keep a separate account for my savings. It takes some discipline but I will set aside a specific sum of money for that savings account every month. On top of that, I also invest some of my savings as I believe in planning ahead for financial freedom.

Namira, 27 Global Account Consultant

Now that I have retired, my focus is to enjoy time with my family. Over the years, I’ve put in part of my savings into investments to ensure that I can be debt free and can afford to live comfortably.

David, 74 Retired

I aim to buy a new house this year. I have saved enough over the years, diligently setting aside a specific sum of money every month to achieve this goal.

Jamani, 40 Money Changer

My priority for this year is to spend more time with my family. Over the years, my wife and I have saved enough so that we can bring the family for overseas holidays every year. We bought savings plans for ourselves to ensure that we can afford to do that at this point in our lives.

Tay Chwee Lye, 57 Technical Crew