What’s your retirement personality?

When it comes to retirement planning and saving, which personality type are you? Take this fun and quick quiz to find out!

Q1. You just got your annual bonus, what would you do with it?

Q2. What’s your attitude towards money?

Q3. When booking a holiday, which best describes your approach?

Q4. How prepared are you for retirement?

Q5. You walk by a shop. Something catches your eye. What would you do?

When it comes to retirement, you are quite the expert! So why not share with your friends and family smarter ways to save and about the relevant CPF schemes? You can also top up your loved ones’ CPF savings so they can enjoy a better retirement.

Congratulations as you may already have a tidy sum through your consistent saving habit! You may wish to find out about other ways of making your money work harder for you. Depending on your risk appetite, you can consider investing your savings in suitable financial products or top up your CPF accounts to earn attractive interest rates.

While you’re spontaneous and carefree, you may want to think more about saving for your retirement Creating and keeping to a monthly budget can help you ensure that you don’t overspend. You can also put in place a monthly savings plan by automatically transferring some of your salary to a savings account.

Starting early gives you more time to plan and prepare. In fact, CPF has already helped you to start saving for your retirement from the day you started work.


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CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow

Now that you’ve done the quiz, discover how you can plan for your future with fun activities for the whole family. Join us at the CPF Retirement Planning Roadshows and learn useful tips and tricks!

Catch us at Waterway Point on 12 and 13 November.

For a quick preview, take a look at our previous CPF Retirement Planning Roadshows!

  • Discover your retirement personality and enjoy an immersive 360° virtual reality experience.

  • Calculate how much you need as savings to achieve your monthly retirement income.

  • Get a better grasp of retirement concepts with our life-sized board games!

  • Learn how you can leverage on attractive interest rates and grow your savings with CPF

  • Send yourself a reminder to keep your retirement planning on track


“The roadshow is very entertaining and has given me a better idea of how to manage my retirement. I also really enjoyed the VR booth which allowed me to experience parachuting even when sitting down! I felt like a commando!”

Foo Xiang Chow, 66, Retired Banker (Steady Saver)

“I am turning 55 this October and it is an important year for me to make a few decisions that will affect my retirement, so this roadshow really helped!”

Charles, 55, Civil Servant (Retirement Chiongster)

“A few years ago, I was not so concerned about my savings but recent CPF schemes improvements have gotten me to consider my retirement more. The roadshow gave me a better understanding of the CPF schemes which helps me better equip myself for retirement.”

Haron Bin Awi, 57, Security Guard (Previously “Cincai Kaki” turned “Steady Saver”)

There are many misconceptions and rumours of the policies. The roadshow provides an opportunity for the general public to understand CPF policies better and to debunk such rumours. Taking from a comment from a roadshow attendee, he mentioned that CPF policies can be daunting to approach. But after attending the roadshow, he now has a better idea on how to manage his money better for his retirement. With these roadshows, I really hope that members will be able to take back valuable information to help them plan for their retirement.

Bryan, Customer Service Executive

The roadshow is a great initiative to create awareness for CPF retirement planning through interactive and visually appealing stations. It provides better insights for participants to learn more about “what happens after age 55” and provides them with insights on enhancing their CPF savings. I am particularly pleased that one of the participants got most of his answers from the roadshow and when he approached me, he was only left with a few. That shows that the roadshow was effective and it could benefit you too!

Vivien, Customer Service Executive